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Friday, June 11, 2010

Swiss Beefkey Request

I had planned a Build It Buffet Night for tacos and fajitas, but my biggest boy requested one of his old favorites. Because I had purchased both lean ground beef and turkey this week in planning to make some Minute Beef packages, I had plenty on hand. You saw this meat combo in my Oklahoma Barnyard Burgers a couple of nights ago, but this is my original combo. Beefkey. Part beef part turkey. It has a great texture and flavor too.

It is pretty similar to loose beef sandwiches. Those always made the think of the old Rosanne shows. Never liked that show much, but remember the food that they featured when they owned their own restaurant sounded interesting. To me, this tastes like Arby's roast beef. The texture is nothing alike but the flavor is.

When my friend and fellow Diner, NeeCee, told me she liked 'em, but the juice ran down her arm, I knew I needed to remind everyone to use a really lean beef for these unless you want to drain the fat from the crock. I like the juice, but not running down my arm! Take note and then give this a try.

It is a true fix and forget kind of dish. Just add in a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey. The ratio is up to you, the amount is too. The recipe is in the e-book, but I can tell you, I just add beef bouillon cubes or crystals and onion powder or dried minced onion to taste. When the meat is all tender, just stir it all together and mash with a potato masher or a nifty little Pampered Chef tool for blending ground meats. I use mine all the time. Today, I loaded the crock pot late, and I had thawed meats, so I just cooked on high for 3 1/2 hours. Often, I put bricks of frozen meat in and cook them on low all day. Either way works fine. Very forgiving.

We low carbers eat ours plain with the cheese melted on top and a side serving of veggies. Carby types will appreciate a toasted bun--garlic bread is the ultimate, but we just won't got there, now will we? Sorry the photo tonight is not great. My camera batteries died on me with only one shot and no flash. So you get what you get. I was not about to wait to eat until I could charge batteries.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. You cooked 5 pounds of ground beef (with seasonings) in your crock pot and then "mashed" it up?

I have and love your ebook, but the 5 minute beef was a bit vague as well. I've been left wondering how you brown 5lbs of ground beef at a time.

Thanks! DebR

Lisa Marshall said...


The Beefkey recipe in the e-book calls for 2 pounds of ground meat. You can use more, just up the seasonings to taste.

The Minute Beef DOES call for 5 pounds, I simple brown it in 2 skillets. Then, I divide and freeze for plain, or add seasonings and divide and freeze.

Anonymous said...

Not to belabor the point, but I really do appreciate your tips and tricks.

You cook ground beef in the crockpot with seasonings then "mash it up"?

Thanks again. DebR.

Lisa Marshall said...

No problem. This method is so forgiving. Yes, there is no need to even break up the meat before you cook it. I usually put in my ground beef and ground turkey still frozen in a roll. They cook alongside each other. When the cooking time is up, the meats will be very soft and will blend together very easily. I suppose you could crumble the meat before, but there is really no need to. You can use the tool I showed or even a potato masher. Two forks would probably work as well.