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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lisa's Sweet Sauce and Spinach

You have several options for Red Sauce when you work the Diner System. It can be a Triple Play Meal, with a generous helping of Turkey Red Sauce. Or it can be a Freezer Favorite, as with Lisa's Sweet Sauce made with Italian Minute Beef. Just as easy, it can be put together with Minute Sausage and some jarred marinara. If you are feeling a bit Italian, the choice is yours.

We had my sweet sauce for dinner tonight. My boys love the touch of sweetness in this sauce. I have seen other recipes which use brown sugar, as I did when I was a newlywed. Now just a touch of any diet sweetener will work. Rather than use zucchini as a veggie base, I sautéed up some fresh spinach in garlic and olive oil. That truly only takes a minute! Just toss the leaves around until they just wilt--no more. If my carby boy hadn't needed some noodles, I would have been out of the kitchen in record time! I am taking some time this summer to do a small overhaul on my tiny kitchen. With it in flux, our meals need to be simple. This certainly qualifies there!


Anonymous said...

What is Lisa's Sweet Sauce?

Lisa Marshall said...

That is a recipe from the Freezer Favorites section of the e-book.