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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Steakhouse Special Dump Chicken

That's a lot of chicken! But that is only half of what I prepared tonight. Remember how I played games on Sunday rather than do my prep cooking? It is alright to do that from time to time, because if you follow the Diner system most weeks, you will still have a stock of freezer food waiting. It is a good idea to make up some of what you missed. Tonight, I made a Freezer Favorite--Steakhouse Special Dump Chicken. But rather than marinate then freeze as usual, I made this recipe into a Triple Play Meal. With the five pounds of chicken tenders, we will have three meals. Tonight we had them plain with loaded broccoli on the side. Tomorrow the meal is chicken salad. Later this weekend, I will offer these up as kabobs skewered with cherry tomatoes, red onion and bell pepper.

The Steakhouse Special marinade is delicious, but not too strong. It goes with anything, so it is easy to dress up. Rich with soy sauce, vinegar, liquid smoke and olive oil, the flavors are hard to define. It is a favorite with my guys. Just a little oven time and you have a tasty dinner---and lunch! The choice is yours here. Put the marinade together with raw chicken and pack them away in the freezer, or bake them all at once and dine for several meals. Sometimes I choose this, because I appreciate not having to heat the oven up twice. Once baked, these tenders easily warm in the microwave or toaster oven. My guys even like chicken cold.

The recipe is in the e-book, so if you want it, look there in the Freezer Favorites section.

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