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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tac-ole Cups X-tra Festive

There is a party on my plate tonight. I made one of our family favorites--Tac-ole Cups. I used to make them in my silicon muffin pan, but now I have so many individual cups, I use those. I found these flower shaped cups on half price sale at Hobby Lobby. They are too cute!

Today, I chose to use the Minute Beef version rather than the Multiply Meals recipe. I am busy reorganizing my kitchen, and paint is more fun than cooking at the moment. This meal was easy to throw together with precooked ground beef. Just add the salad--already mixed in the fridge. Now that I am full, I wish I had made a Multiply Meal--then I would have more waiting in the freezer for lunches and easy dinners. But, it is all good.

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