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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Superbowl Snacks Round-Up

The Superbowl is this weekend! Got big plans for gameday? We do. It is always a big weekend, this so even better because my hubby and son's favorite team just happens to be  playing. Funny, though they are for the same team, I cannot let them watch the game together. Two very different personalities there. With a little distance between them, I am betting fun will be had by all.

Our church always does the weekend up right, featuring life lessons from the commercials. Check out a Life.Church for some fun and amazing insights. John and I are greeters, and are supposed to wear athletic jerseys to add to the atmosphere. I only wish I still fit into my college clothes. The baby years took care of that! 

Our Lifegroup is planning a big party, so I will be making goodies to share. The hosts are even making pulled pork that can be served without the bread for the diabetics in our group. Isn't that sweet of them? I haven't decided what to contribute yet. But looking around my blog, I have lots of choices. I thought I would share them with you in my own little round up. Try of few of these--even if you don't have a team in the big game. You will feel like a winner. Click on the recipe name to get the recipe.

Chili 'n'  Cheesebread in a Jar

Omelet Stuffed  Mini Bell Peppers

Mini Bacon Crusted Cheeseballs on a Stick

Zucchini Pizza Poppers

Smoked Cheese Spread

Game Day Crunchers

Buffalo Chicken Quiche Cups

Sunny Sesame Seed Crackers

Maple's Meatballs Deluxe

Salami Cup Appetizers

Home Made White "Velveeta" Cheese

Chile Jack's Sausage Bites

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just recently found your site after losing it a while ago. Getting back on track with a low carb diet. Love these superbowl food ideas!

I made cajun shrimp and cauliflower grits for my crowd for the superbowl. Pulse some raw almonds with your cauli rice and saute. The texture really seems like real grits, at least to me.

And it's excellent with sausage gravy, too!
Thanks for all you do!