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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Check up Time

My hubby John had his check up with his doctor yesterday morning. It was amazing. Just a year ago, he was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. He had been heading that way for years. Today, his blood sugar was 78. (I don't think he had actually eaten the Maple's Meatballs I had packed for him, so this was after an overnight fast. He usually averages around 100 two hours after a meal) The doctor was thrilled, and asked just what he had been up to to get such a turnaround. John explained how his loving wife, that's me, had gone into research mode and found all the studies about how the low carb diet often controlled diabetes. Last year, John had received permission from one of the associates to go on a low carb regime, but his primary doctor had been unavailable for that consultation.

The doctor asked what he was eating, and they actually pulled up the website right there at the office. The doctor loved the e-book. John offered to give him a copy, but the doctor refused saying he wanted to pay for it, because it obviously represented a great deal of work. Hurray! He also agreed to recommend it to diabetic patients he treats.

I know that this way of eating needs to be a lifestyle for my family, not a diet. We have watched friends and family suffer terribly from uncontrolled blood sugar, and I want better for my guys. The 24/7 system lets me feel secure that our food choices are always under control. I am always able to give my family the meals which will keep them healthy for life. The occasional splurge--cake at graduation, a Christmas cookie or two--is not the enemy. What we consistently eat in our everyday meals will keep nerve damage, circulation problems, and a host of other diabetic complications at bay. Daily prayer and low carb food are my weapons of choice against diabetes. We appear to be winning the war!


Peculiar Blogs said...

Hallelujah!! Great news!! What an awesome praise report!

Melanie said...

That's way cool! There is no marketing like a doctor's recommendation. Advertisers have long known this so they even get doctors who aren't doctors but "play one on TV." You have an actual doctor touting you! And to think, I knew you when!