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Saturday, March 21, 2009

NeeCee's System

NeeCee sent in her photos of how she has put her 24/7 cookbook together. She had a great idea to use page protectors. Now, she can still remove her recipe pages to take to the kitchen, but they stay clean and spot free thanks to the plastic covering. She can also place pages back to back.

Much like me, NeeCee has put some of her favorite recipes for side dishes, desserts and such in the back section of the binder. That way, she has everything handy when it comes time to cook. She also prints off the 24/7 Low Carb Diner newsletters and keeps them in the front pocket. That keeps those recipes easy to find too.

NeeCee likes to plan all her entrees for the month. She prints a menu up on her computer, then files the menu in the front pocket for easy reference. Planning ahead means fewer trips to the grocery store for her family. This cook is a freezer meal pro. With an extra freezer in the garage, she can make up plenty of Multiply Meals and Freezer Favorites. She can also buy in bulk when sales are good.

Thanks, NeeCee for the tips!

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