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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Salsa Beef Brunch

This morning's menu called for Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shakes. But who would have known that it would be snowing outside my window on this fine March day? Already shivering, I decided to change that plan. After putting the coffee on, I looked at my freezer inventory to see what I might whip up quickly. There I had a package of Minute Beef. Cowboy Comfort Breakfast is easy--a blend of beef, eggs and cream cheese and jalapeno. I was about to start that when I thought of my youngest son. Eggs have been bothering his stomach lately. (We do have a slight egg sensitivity that runs in the family) Not having anything else on hand for his breakfast, I decided to skip the eggs. Instead, I thawed the ground beef in the microwave for three minutes. Then I added it to a skillet with a good sprinkling of onion powder and eight ounces of cream cheese. After the cream cheese was melting well, I stirred in about half a cup of water. Now, the mixture was a bit like a hamburger gravy. To kick the flavor up a notch, I added 1/3 cup of chucky salsa.

This was very good! Start to finish it was done in under ten minutes. Definitely not pretty, but warm and tasty for brunch. My kiddo had his on toast. I didn't have any low carb bread substitutes around, so we just ate ours as is on a plate. I think it would be good served over scrambled eggs or on an oopsie roll or other low carb bread.

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