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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pretty in Pink Muffins

I have dinner in the oven already. Mama Mia casserole will be ready when the hubby gets home. Instead of slaving over a hot stove, I am here playing with a batch of muffins I baked yesterday. They were tasting kinda plain, my Flaxy Minis, so I decided to brighten them up a bit. I have to say that I love the outcome of my experimentation. They are as pretty as can be, and so decadently tasty.

I told you how to play around with the Flaxy Mini recipes back in my blog entitled Muffin Mania. To get to the pink muffin heaven I am in right now, just make a batch of chocolate Flaxy Minis. Then, make this gorgeous pink topping.

Pink Cream Cheese Frosting

2 ounces of cream cheese
1 Tablespoon DaVinci Sugarfree Raspberry syrup
3 teaspoons Splenda or equivalent sweetener

Let the cream cheese warm to room temperature. Or, a quick zap in the microwave will do, but don't melt it too much. Stir in the syrup and sweetener until well blended.
Top each muffin with a dollop of frosting, or split a muffin open and spread the frosting between the two halves. This will frost about 12 mini muffins.

Double the recipe to do an entire batch. We had these for breakfast today, so quite a few were already gone from my batch.

These are so pretty, and definitely make the best Chocolate Raspberry muffins around. I am sure that the cream cheese would mix well with almost any flavor of DaVinci syrup. Of course, they won't be pretty in pink using another flavor.

I liked these so much, I took the picture on a very special plate. This pretty pink rose pattern was my great grandmother's everyday china. I love to think about all the meals she served my favorite "Papa" on this plate. It brings back childhood memories of her old kitchen, and having all the family gathered around. I know she never baked with flaxseed, but I'll bet she would like these muffins.

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NeeCee said...

We had Flaxy minis for breakfast this morning...just without the pretty pink icing. As soon as steady money starts coming in, I need to buy some more flavors of syrups. Especially since the bottles won't freeze and they should have more flavors to offer. ;0)