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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Notebook System

Some have asked to see how I have my cookbook put together and how I use it. Today I will give a photo essay of sorts to explain.

I have all the recipes printed off and placed in a three ring binder. I like the kind with a place for a page insert on the cover. Using a binder has several advantages over the standard book format. First, you can choose to print only the recipes you are interested in--that saves some bulk. Second, it is easy to remove a recipe and take it with you into the kitchen.

I actually work in a tiny kitchen, so I post the recipe that I am using on the fridge using a magnetic clip. That prevents it from sitting on the cabinet getting food all over it. I have tried to view a recipe from my computer sitting on the kitchen table, but my eyes just aren't that good! If your fridge is too far from your prep area, consider holding it on the cabinet with a bit of sticky wax or putty. When using just one page at a time, it holds fine.

Inside the binder, I keep my weekly grocery ads and coupons. That helps me be organized when it comes time to plan the next week's menu and shopping list. Extra copies of my shopping list go in those that pocket too.

At the back of my three ring binder, I keep the photos for inspiration. I also hole punch the newsletter and put it in. That way, the extra recipes from the newsletter are easy to find.

In the back pockets of the binder, I keep extra recipes for side dishes, bread substitutes and desserts that I use often. I have another collection of recipes I have gathered from the web. I love to collect recipes, and one binder could never hold my collection.

Back to the fridge, you also will find my menu for the week. I find that if my family knows what is coming up, they are less likely to eat the ingredients I need for dinner or tomorrow's lunch. On the rare occasion, they might even cook for themselves!

I also made some divider tabs to mark off the different recipes sections. If you would like a copy for your book, I will have them in the April Newsletter. Don't forget to email me with your ideas too.


NeeCee said...

I think those tabs would make things easier for me when I'm flipping wildly through looking for certain recipes. I'm glad they will be included.

Lisa Marshall said...

You are a wild thing! Your notebook is up next.

MaJay said...

After almost 47 yrs of cooking for my dh, I have to learn to cook for his type 2 diabetes.. Sooooooo,,, I need help! I have just found your page and need some guidance to say the least!

Lisa Marshall said...

Feel free to ask me any questions anytime. Lisa