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Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Minute Chocolate Cake Trifle...yeah right

The name of this endearing little flourless chocolate cake may be the 3 minute cake, but given my "ingenuity" in the kitchen, I have managed to turn an easy recipe into an hour long chocolate experience. It really started innocently enough. I was baking a birthday cake for my brand new 16 year old and the living room full of his friends. That started smelling pretty darn good. So, I ran over to one of my favorite websites for low carb desserts and side dishes, Linda's Low Carb. I remembered an easy microwave cake made in individual servings. That seemed quick. That seemed simple enough. I decided to use Kahlua flavored DaVinci syrup instead of the vanilla in the recipe. Yum.

While the aroma of a German Chocolate cake wafted from the oven, a deep dark chocolate cake emerged from the microwave. Hmm. That was easy. Now I could have a cake while the teenagers had theirs. But what about my hubby? So, with all the ingredients out, I made another for him. Not wanting to dirty even more dishes, I took the original cake out of the bowl I microwaved it in. That gave me an idea. I had purchased a cute little straight sided bowl at the Dollar Tree last week, planning to use it for layered salads or desserts. If I wanted to make these chocolatey cakes into a trifle, I would need some frosting. I had some whipping cream and a packet of Swiss Miss cocoa mix. I think that mousse recipe is from Linda as well. For color, I threw in some cut strawberries. Unfortunately, I ran out of mousse and had to whip some more cream. While all this was going on, I noticed the layers were beginning to melt a bit in the heat wave we are having here. So I popped the dessert into the freezer to chill. I would not recommend trying this recipe in the heat if you want the layers of the trifle to stay separate and beautiful.

It is funny though, the kids keep wandering into the kitchen saying, "OOOH, is that for me?" I get to laugh and say, "No, this is diet food!" Our dessert looks better than theirs!

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