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Friday, April 3, 2009

Forgot to Thaw!

Oh, my. I remembered late this afternoon that I forgot to thaw my hamburger for tonight's burgers. Time to be flexible. I still had some leftover Southwestern Beef, so I substituted that for the Minute Beef in the 2 E.Z. Enchilada Skillet, and added a can of low carb black soybeans. We actually had enchiladas for lunch today too. But, they were so good, we still wanted more. This E.Z. Fix meal was just right.

That is the way real life works at our house. Menu plans aren't always perfect. We learn to be flexible. Our meals are far from gourmet style. I serve real life family style food and life is good! John just got some fantastic numbers on his blood work. I'll share those when he gives me the exact report. Diabetes is not going to work its damage in my family if I can help it!

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