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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pizza Buffet

My big boys are home from college for Easter, and there is no better meal to feed them than a Pizza Buffet. To make a low carb pizza the absolute easiest way, just grab some Joseph's Lavash bread. That is 8 net carbs for a whole big piece. I add some pizza sauce from Walmart, the Great Value brand only has 4 carbs for 1/4 cup, and we use only eat about half of that. Add a few carbs for the onion and other veggies and a couple for the cheese. Our meat is pepperoni and Minute Sausage, both pre-cooked and ready to pile on. Yum. Who needs Dominos?


Anonymous said...

This looks delish! I cant wait to find this lavash bread and make some pizza. Thanks for your blog, I have so many ideas for carb friendly foods now. What an inspiration you are. :)

Lisa Marshall said...

I get mine at Walmart. Thanks for the nice words too!