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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Better Than Hot Pockets

Generally, sandwiches are a no brainer. At least I thought so. But then, think about the number of frozen sandwiches that are on the market today. While browsing at Sam's for some lunch items for my working boy, I am constantly amazed that these frozen, undersized, less than tasty and thoroughly over-processed foods are so expensive. Just about everything is a least a dollar a serving, and a serving is far too small for a young man's appetite.

These turkey roll ups that I assembled today for lunch, are prepped, cooked and eaten in under five minutes. Really. Well, you can take longer to eat them, but cooking is a breeze. Just take a sheet of Joseph's Lavash bread and cut it into 4ths. Sprinkle a handful of shredded Jack cheese, and plop on a slice of smoked turkey. Add a line of ranch dressing. No need for a knife, just squirt it on! Roll 'em up and put them in the microwave to cook for one minute. The cheese is all melty and oozy. The ranch dressing goes great with the turkey. It really is better than a hot pocket! What could be easier than this? Add a bowl of coleslaw or some veggies and dip, and you have a hot lunch with no hot oven.

My youngest son's film project is premiering tonight. The kids are walking the red carpet, arriving in a limo and the works. I had better get in the kitchen and make the family some low carb movie snacks for the show--Cheese Crisps.


Jezwyn said...

Why bother with the unhealthy grains? Sliced turkey is great as the outer part of a roll-up in itself. I used to have ham and cheese roll-ups every day; delicious!

Here's a good primer if the negative effects of grain consumption are foreign to you -

BlueStar said...

I don't believe all grains can be considered "unhealthy". It's true some sensitive to grains.
But more are able to digest them without problems.

I don't eat grains at present because I'm dieting, I might incorporate a wee bit later, maybe not. But it's the 'sugar' the High GI/GL that scares me... once I lose this weight, I want it to be permanent.