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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken in Pepper Sauce

This is another one of those too easy meals. It is a "Freezer Favorite" if you happen to have some frozen Chicken Cubes handy. If not, you can still grill the chicken up fresh. The sauce goes together quite easily--unless your hand blender breaks like mine did mid-sauce! Oh well, I use this thing so often, I have gone through several. Everything is breaking around here anyway. Just replaced the fridge. The hot water heater did not stay repaired-- twice--and the vacuum is trying to die. Why wouldn't my favorite kitchen appliance quit too? And I was planning on making some homemade ice cream tonight.

Anyway, the sauce is a little chunkier than usual, but it was still tasty. I could not get the photographs to do it justice. It is a beautiful salmon color, rich with red peppers and real cream. If you love peppers and garlic, you should like this sauce. The recipe is in the e-book. If you haven't purchased that, please stop by the web page and get a copy. I need some help paying for all these new appliances!

Now I am off to clean up my mess from crafting with my mom. We are making some fun and functional lunch items. I'll show those off in another blog. Let's just say when school resumes in the fall, I will be bringing my low carb meals in style! Right now I plan to enjoy summer break and watch some videos with my guys.

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