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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sloppy Tom Casseroles

Tonight is a Multiply Meals night. I just made three casseroles--one for dinner tonight and two more to put in the freezer for future dinners made easy. It really is not much extra work to make multiples of a recipe. In the summer, it is especially nice to fill the oven since you already have it hot. For later servings, this casserole can be heated in the microwave--or even in the toaster oven if you choose to cut it into individual servings.

I brown the meat all at the same time. Five pounds of meat fits into two skillets. I added the additional ingredients while the turkey was still in those skillets, then put that mixture into the casserole dishes. That means fewer dishes to wash later tonight.

Sloppy Tom Casserole is an easy, stick to the ribs kind of meal. It is flavored like sloppy Joes, but features ground turkey instead of beef. There is nothing fancy or creative about it, but it is tasty. Tonight, I used a blend of ground turkey and turkey sausage for an extra flavor boost. The addition of packaged coleslaw mix means I don't spend much time chopping or dicing. I just have the celery to chop while the meat browns.

All three boys were home tonight, so I served some whole wheat cheese toast for them, plus a big green salad for everyone. I especially like a creamy dressing with this, such as ranch or blue cheese. If you want the recipe, just look in the e-book. It is there under Multiply Meals. Cook once, eat three times, what a deal!

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