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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Polish Hobo

Tonight's family buffet was Hobo Dinners. This is one of those family buffet meals that is fun and accommodates different tastes. Remember this post about them? This afternoon, I found a reasonably priced pecan smoked country sausage at Walmart. They were pretty low carb, one carb per 2 ounces, so I picked up the package. Three of us chose these for our Hobo dinners. One boy was away from home and one chose chicken tenders. I also picked up a package of frozen stew veggies so I would have less chopping when I got home. Sure, this package has potatoes and carrots, but they are already peeled and diced. My carby boys like them, and I don't have to do all that work!

I like using smoked Polish sausage in these because the smokey flavor permeates the veggies. You can of course, place these foil pouches on the outdoor grill too, but tonight, I just used the oven. Set the temperature, then got out of the hot kitchen! John and I used a rutabaga to replace the taters; I like those even better. We chose green bell peppers and onions to fill our packets. Yum. The rutabagas do mean that I had to cook them a bit longer than usual. 45 minutes to an hour will do, depending on how small your veggies are diced. I use a sharpie on the foil to make sure I don't mix up orders. We all get to choose our seasonings, so they are each unique. Later tonight, I plan to mix up some homemade low carb ice cream. I'll post that later.

My boys just told me I'd make a great hobo. True. My tastes are pretty simple. I think the finer things in life aren't found in fancy houses or expensive jewels. I'd take a life on the road with my family over a mansion alone any day!

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