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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mexican Minute Beef Salad

My "Freezer Favorite" selection for this week was Mexican Minute Beef. Brown five pounds of ground beef, add some Mexican seasonings, and pack it up in freezer bags. Now I have the base for several delicious Tex-Mex favorites, and I only had to cook once. Today's lunch is a salad.

Doesn't it look fabulous? I simply topped my romaine salad fixins for the week with the Mexican Minute Beef. I added some cheese and some diced red onion. I have to say, this home made salad is SOOO much better than fast food salads which always run short on meat. One of the Mexican fast food places has an ad out now that says just that. You know, that one that asks how it is a salad if the guys can't find the lettuce? The lettuce is under the beans, she says. That technically makes it a salad. (and carries the perception of being healthy) Well, this salad really is healthy, but it certainly is not rabbit food!

Mexican Minute Beef is also very handy to have around as omelet filling, for tacos and enchiladas, nachos and casseroles. Don't forget about the recipes in the e-book, Chili in a Flash, 2 E.Z. Enchilada Skillet, and Taco Pizza! Got a minute? Gotta great lunch!

Now I am off to finish up the July newsletter. It is filled with ideas for the grill. Don't miss it.

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