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Friday, June 12, 2009

Salami Scramble

In the E.Z. Fix chapter of the e-book, I have a section called "Deli Delights." It gives you great ideas on how to use deli meats and cheeses. Don't make the mistake of thinking they are only for lunch. Today, I fixed Salami Scramble for breakfast. It is very quick. I cut my salami slices in half and pan fried them just a minute, while chopping some green pepper. I added that to the pan and let it cook while I beat three eggs. Once the pepper was cooked tender crisp, I added the eggs and scrambled everything together.

Nothing special, bet definitely a change from the standard scrambled egg breakfast. My boys like it with pepperoni too. While the skillet was out, I made some Salsa Beef for lunch. The guys can just layer it in a tortilla for lunch. John and I eat it on salad greens. Super easy with the ground beef already cooked.

I will be out all the rest of the day. Dinner tonight will be Signature Pizzas for buffet night. The sausage is ready to go, as are the other topping choices. That will be easy. Our low carb crust for the night is lavash bread turned into crispy thin crusts. To see how that looks, go here.

Good eating--minimal work.

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Wow... drool. (: