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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--Kent's Armadillo "Eggs"

Funny name. Funny story. My men ate these up so fast, I had to hide one to get a picture! Both of them immediately started bribing me to make more. Not the usual, "sure, you can make these again"  comments. They pressured me about when they would be back on the menu. Alright already. I will make them again next week since I just did a half recipe this time.

Please understand that these are not really made from any part of an armadillo, although here in Oklahoma, it is quite easy to find them as road kill. I guess they have the same thing in Lubbock, TX, the original home of this recipe. The egg concept comes with the layering technique: cheese and cream cheese stuffed inside a jalapeno pepper, which is then wrapped in sausage, rolled in Parmesan and baked. How could that list of ingredients go wrong? It can't in my book, but I did have to make one alteration for my hubby. He doesn't do jalapenos, so I made them with mini sweet peppers instead. DELISH! I am sure either way is amazing.

So if you are inspecting my version in the photo, you will notice a yellow pepper instead of the jalapeno. Still pretty, still fun, just not quite as armadillo-esque. Yes, a new word! If you want to try out Kent's recipe, it is in Low Carbing Among Friends, page 274. He calls them an appetizer or breakfast. We devoured them for dinner. Well, actually,  the one I managed to hide so I could take a picture became Christian's breakfast. He waited for me to photograph it, then immediately grabbed it and hid from his father to eat it. That is how good these are!


Kent said...

I am glad they were so much of a hit in your household, Lisa. I can imagine your son doing that as mine has definitely done the same to get the last piece from his sisters. :-)

Jennifer [To PIN/share a Post, Click the 3 dots or the Red SAVE Button] said...

Haha - that is a funny story!

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

I've made these too and LOVE them!!! So good.

Alexandra said...

Ha! My husband and I had never seen an armadillo until he got stationed here at Tinker (Oklahoma.) I can't wait to make these!

MemoryKeeper said...

I'm glad you have a picture. I will try to print it and add to my cook book! I love my Low Carbing Among Friends cook book! I definitely am going to try this one!

liam @ the low carb recipes said...

These look amazing!

Will have to try them when I get some sausage meat

Ancient Egyptian Gods said...

Smart and good another post admin :)
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