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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Among Friends Thursday -Maria's 'Apple' Crisp

This is yummy. It tastes so much like an apple crisp. Amazing. Like I have said before, Maria is a substitute genius. Not that she is ready to fill in for another genius, but she can find an incredible stand in for most any  high carb dish. This time she has done it with apple crisp. With the help of some zucchini and some erythritol plus some nuts, we have dessert. Heck I am thinking we will have breakfast too!

I was trying out a new baking dish, and didn't follow the directions for the pan size. Mine came out a little on the liquidy side at the base of the dish. No problem, I just poured off a bit of the extra. Perhaps sticking to her designated casserole dish would have evaporated out more during baking. Maybe my zucchini was a tad on the moist side naturally. It is hard to believe how much this really does taste like apples. I guess those spices make the dish! Also, I thought I had pecans frozen, but alas, it was walnuts. I used those anyway, and the crumble part is amazingly good. No problem with a substitution there. I reserved just s few crumbles to sprinkle in after baking know, so even those parts from the bottom that miss the crumble still get some. I am one of those who loves crust. As a kid, I always asked for the edge of pie crust that many folk leave behind. That worked.

For those of you with Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook, the recipe is on page 148. If you don't own it, just click on the photo of the book at the right and the link will take you to the site. You really do need this book!


Retta said...

I appreciate you writing about this dish. I saw it in the cookbook, and went "eh" when I read the ingredients. But I'm gonna try it, since I miss apples!

Paula said...

I just ordered my book from Amazon and will have it in 3 days. I can't wait to try these recipes!

Ancient Egyptian Gods said...

Smart and good another post admin :)
Ancient Egypt