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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miss Emmy's CinnamonTea

Remember that Girly Tea Party I blogged about? This is just like the tea my friends served me that day. I have been shopping around for something similar since then, and as usual, frugal me made it myself. The amazing cinnamon flavor grabs your senses and won't let go! This is so wonderful, I don't even need a touch of sweetener or cream. Just the burst of cinnamon with every sip.

I will get to the recipe, but first, I want to ask a favor of you. The dear, sweet 16 year old young lady who shared this tea with me, is headed in for brain surgery in just a couple of hours from now. For the last few months she has been suffering with a very severe case of Intracranial Hypertension ( an extreme build of of pressure in the spinal fluid.) She has gone through 12 spinal taps in the last few months, with severe head aches, loss of vision and many other symptoms similar to a brain tumor. Since the pressure has continued to rebuild even on medication, today she  must get a shunt put into her brain to continually drain the fluid. For a teenager, not only is the surgery terrifying, but the shaved head is devastating. Please send up your prayers for this sweet girl today.

I bought this tea cup set for her because she loves pretty things. I cannot be at the hospital today because I am watching her younger sister and brother, who both have bronchial infections going on, and should not be given the chance to spread any germs. This is hard on them too, I know. In the mean time, we are doing what we can and praying that this surgery puts an end to the suffering she has gone through since last fall.

Miss Emmy's Cinnamon Tea

6 tsp loose black tea (or enough to make 4 cups)
1/8 to1/4 tsp cinnamon oil (The kind used for flavoring candy)

Place tea leaves in a very small jar. Pour in the cinnamon oil, put the lid on and shake well. Bring water to a boil. While that is heating, add 1 1/2 tsp tea per cup to an infuser basket or to a tea ball. Pour the boiling water into the pot or cup and let tea steep for 3 minutes. Sweeten if desired.

I used a coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase the cinnamon oil from the candy making supplies. Those tiny bottles are a pain to work with, but the result is so worth it. Warning: I preferred the tea with the full 1/4 tsp oil added to the leaves, but I DO love the hot bite of cinnamon. Most of you will want to start with the 1/8 tsp of oil and add more if you can take it. Did your school get invaded each year with the craze of cinnamon oil soaked toothpicks? If so, that is what this tea will remind you of. I always loved those toothpicks until the school authorities banned them. It happened every year. Maybe that was just in the olden days.

I haven't forgotten about Among Friends Thursday. I did just make Jennifer's Pizza Crust. Yum. I will post that later on tonight with an update on Miss Emily. For now, I want to get everyone I know sending up prayers and good thoughts for her. I wanted her to be "Among Friends" too.
 This is Emily. Isn't she beautiful? As of 6 p.m. she was still waiting to get into surgery. Guess an emergency bumped her time slot. Poor thing, talk about the longest day. The family is still waiting. I will put the pizza photo up later. Until she is safely out of recovery, she is of the utmost importance today. Her mom, Neecee is a follower here too, so the more uplifting things you could say would be a blessing.

Update: Emily came though surgery very well, thank God. I appreciate all the prayers and kind thoughts for her. The surgery, though late getting started, was quicker than expected once underway. We are now trusting that this will bring her complete health from now on.

4 year Update: Emily recently had her 3rd revision on the shunt. Please continue to lift her up in prayer as the IH is a constant struggle along with a recent diagnosis of Lupus as well.

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Retta said...

Yes, prayed for Miss Emily.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the power of positive thoughts. Sending my warmest and best wishes for Emily.
You wrote a lovely, thoughtful post.

Ginny said...

My son had this condition also and we thought he'd need this surgery, but his fortunately cleared on its own. I hope all went well for Emily. Such a beautiful girl! Saying a prayer for her now.