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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Among Friends Thursday Peggy's Chipotle "Sweet Potatoes"

I admit it. Today I did exactly what I hate. I hate those people who go onto Allrecipes, change up a recipe then leave a review. But, that is kinda what I did. I saw this recipe in the book (Jennifer's section pg. 49) and knew I really wanted to try it. Of course, I have felt like that about tons of recipes in the book. I really wanted to make this one, but alas, spring is looming, and there are no fresh pumpkins to be found. Peggy's recipe substitutes pumpkin for sweet potatoes. I had lots of canned pumpkin on the shelf, and half a can leftover from chili that I really need to use up. I decided to go against Peggy's recommendation and try it with canned pumpkin rather than fresh. Only after I started making it did I read on her blog, Buttoni's Low Carb Recipes, her obvious instructions not to substitute canned pumpkin. Too late! My apologies to Peggy.

The flavors were so great going into the oven, I was pretty sure I would be ok. The flavors that came out were fantastic too. The only problem is that my dish was a little too fluid for my liking. What to do? I could leave it to bake longer. Instead, I opted to adapt it to set up like a similar dish I make that uses eggs to thicken. Actually, both my Onion Dipped Cauliflower and Pumpkin Custard use eggs in this way, so I was pretty sure it would work. So even  after baking, I added in three beaten eggs and baked another 35  minutes. The texture was much improved, and I loved the contrast between the smokey chipotle pepper and the sweet maple flavoring. And the lime--don't forget the lime. What an awesome combo.

So my advice is to follow Peggy's recipe if you can find a fresh pumpkin. If not, throw in a few eggs and you will have the same treat I am enjoying today. I have been a little under the weather, but this still tastes really good. Peppers are comfort food for me. My pregnancy cravings were for jalapeno coneys, so you know that is true. Who else would eat peppers in the midst of morning sickness?

Thanks Peggy for some classic flavors I never would have thought to put together. Delish!


Lisa Marshall said...

Peg couldn't get a post to work, so I am adding her email to me below"
Hi, Lisa!

I wanted to thank you for the lovely write-up on my Chipotle Sweet Potato recipe! But I'm glad you liked the lime-chipotle flavor combo, and I find it such a refreshing change from the usual orange or pineapple flavor in sweet potato casseroles. I do hope you try them again with the fresh pumpkin. I just know you'll like them much better. The difference is like night and day.

Reason I'm emailing my comment is I'm not able to post comments on blogger so I was unsuccessful posting on your site. Can't post on Jennifer's either. The posting window gets into a loop and keeps saying I'm not matching the letters right, when I am typing them in correctly. Happens on a lot of blogger sites for me. Really odd. Not sure what causes that but Jen is having some techie folks look into the problem. Don't have trouble posting on any other sites really....just through blogger. I've wanted to post comments many times on your and Jen's sites and just CAN'T! But just wanted to let you know that I'm in awe of your cooking talent.

Peggy Hardaway

My Low-Carb Recipe Blog:

Ancient Egyptian Gods said...

Smart and good another post admin :)
Ancient Egypt