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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Country Fried Steak Fingers

Cube steak was on sale this week at the nearest grocery store to my home. All my men love country fried steak, and always order that when we dine out at home-style restaurants. The low carb version my not be quite the same, but the fingers are tasty. This week, I made enough to make a "Triple Play" recipe.

Tonight, we are having steak fingers with gravy. Later in the week, the fingers will show up in a lunch salad, then in wraps made with lavash bread. They gravy I tried was not all that wonderful, so I will spare you those details.

The breading I used today was soy flour, flax meal and wheat bran mix. I dipped the fingers in egg, then dredged them in the flour mixture. Remember that when you fry with soy flour, the breading darkens more than with wheat flour...especially after the first batch. If you are avoiding soy, you could easily substitute another flour. I even saw recipes using all flax meal, but I haven't personally tried that.

Well, the Chicken Blanco casseroles are wrapped and ready to go into the freezer, and the extra chicken is cubed for this week's chicken salad. We had some guests today, so I am postponing making my muffins and Minute Sausage until tomorrow morning. It is good to be flexible--just as long as I still get it done in a reasonable time. Then I know I will always have some home-made food ready on the quick. That is good to know.

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