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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Minute Microwave Omelet

I have a really busy day today, complete with an orientation meeting for one of my classes tonight. It is definitely a Multiply Meals casserole for dinner. I'll just leave it in the oven for the hubby. Since I will be running, I am taking a bit of time to show you my equally quick breakfast from this morning. This omelet whips up in almost no time.

This morning's flavor was cream cheese and chive. I simply mixed three chive leaves into about 4 ounces of cream cheese. That is enough for two omelets. John got a two egg omelet that I made in the skillet, but I have to limit my eggs, so I just wanted one. If you want to make a mini omelet like this one, one egg is great and the microwave cooking makes it easier to make in a small size.

Mini Minute Microwave Omelet

1 egg
2 ounces cream cheese
chives to taste
dash of salt

Blend the chives in with room temperature cream cheese, or use purchased cream cheese and chive spread. Beat the egg in a cup. Spray a microwave safe bowl or plate with non stick spray. Add the egg and cook in the microwave for about one minute. Microwaves vary, so take it out when no liquid remains. Spread the cream cheese onto the egg. Sprinkle with salt. Flip the egg into a half circle and serve.

I just added a small serving of cantaloupe cubes and blueberries on the side. (I smeared a bit of cream cheese on the top too, but that is just to be frugal and eat the last little bit in the bowl. It is not necessary by any means.) So easy and fast.


Karenn said...

What a good idea! Do you evernhave problems with the egg spattering while it's cooking in the microwave? Maybe cooking in such a thin layer helps eliminate this nuisance. I'll try this out tomorrow. Thanks!

Lisa Marshall said...

I have had more than one egg cook unevenly, but I never had one pop or spatter. I generally just stick to one egg--any more and it is not much easier than pan frying.