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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Say No to Boring Burgers

You probably know I love my burger buffets. Sometimes, though, I am just in the mood for some heat! Today, while I am starting my prep day in the kitchen, my sweet hubby offered to grill out some burgers for me and the guys. That's fine with me!

I was in the mood for some spice, so I seasoned my burgers with a couple of my gourmet mustards. It sure is a change from the mayo, ketchup and pickles routine. One patty is topped with Cajun mustard, onion and hot wing sauce. The other is topped with Jack cheese, Southwestern mustard and onion. Just have a tall glass of lime water, and the meal is served.

I often wrap the lettuce leaf around the burger patty and eat it with my fingers, but that is a little hard to photograph. A knife and fork is less messy, and just as tasty.

Now on to more prep day cooking. If you want even more burger ideas, check the Burger Bonanza ideas in the E.Z. Fix section of the e-book.

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