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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds

One of the treats we grabbed for our road trips to college were these chocolate powdered almonds. I love them--especially when the urge for something sweet hits. These almonds are not overly sweet, just a dusting of cocoa. But they are crunchy and satisfying. These are the best thing in the world when everyone around you is eating a candy bar! The thing I love most is that they come in an individual serving pouch. That is SO necessary for me to control portions. Nuts are a real problem for me in that area.

Even though I had to fight from opening a second package after my lunch on the road yesterday, in reality, the 100 calorie serving size is just right. These pouches are better than anything we can pick up in vending machines, and at least as good as a stop at the quicky mart. I am going to keep a couple tucked away in my purse or the glove box for impromptu snacking.

I adore the cocoa flavor, but the food demonstrator at WalMart, where I got these, had them available in dry roasted and natural too. I think I'd only pay the premium price for the cocoa flavor, and for the travel packs. If I had more will power, I would portion out bulk nuts into snack bags. But somehow, I always end up going back to that bulk container and eating more than I should.

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