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Friday, August 21, 2009

Tac-ole Lunch Style

Ever try to pack a taco for lunch? They get pretty soggy. And now that we eat low carb, taco shells are out of the picture anyway. My recipe for Tac-ole Cups is a great alternative. They are a Multiply Meal recipe, so I make a bunch at once and freeze the individual cups. Since these taco flavored muffins use some low carb flour, they don't taste like a quiche. They are sturdy, and just as tasty at room temperature.These little jewels went into everyone's lunch containers today. The big boys left at home didn't see the menu, so they fixed something else. Great news--now I will have more made for another easy day of lunch prep.

The top photo is my Bento lunch. I served my two Tac-ole Cups with some nice veggie choices that go with the Mexican flavor. The top left is a cup of olives. In the small container is some of the Green Chile Salad Dressing I made a couple of days ago. The nice tight lid keeps it from spilling and getting all over everything else. In the middle is a simple iceberg lettuce salad. I did add some green pepper after the picture was taken. It is served in one of those toddler snack cups from the dollar store. Beside that is a container of salsa, also with a lid to keep it from spilling. Between the muffin is a silicon cup filled with some sugar snap pea pods. I love those. I buy the frozen ones and just place them in the cup and they thaw out by lunchtime. Those were so good dipped in the salad dressing. In the lid of the Bento box is a skewer filled with fresh blueberries. That is a fun way to eat berries for dessert.

John's lunch container was a bit more generous than mine. He got two Taco-ole muffins, a bigger salad, some diced green peppers and a cup of In-a-Flash Chili. He also had blueberries, but just had his from a mini-muffin cup. Since the chili was in a separate cup, he was able to remove it and nuke it in the microwave a bit--not too much to melt the cup, though. That way, he didn't have to settle for cold chili or hot salad.

My carby boy had his lunch with some tortilla chips and cheese, grapes and some cookies. After a really long school day, I was glad to just pop a frozen Hen in a Tree Casserole in the microwave for dinner. Tomorrow, one boy moves to his first apartment near campus, so we will be busy traveling to Arkansas and back for a couple of days. We will most probably be eating quite a few salads on the road, and celebrating my middle son's birthday. He will not be home for our traditional festivities. I'm still not used to my boys being away from home on holidays. I'll be posting around our very hectic schedule. I have some snacks and breakfast muffins for the road, so we are ready to go--all except the kid's furniture. Let's just say the snacks are ready to go. The rest is still a huge mess in my living room and garage.


Retta said...

Hi Lisa, I have to say what I have been thinking for awhile: you always have gorgeous photos and wonderful recipes and ideas! Even the "purple gravy" was a hoot. ;-) Thank you for all the hard work you do to be consistent in sharing your creativity in your low carb kitchen. I love your blog and your e-cookbook,
PS: I put a link to you in my blog, and always recommend you!

Lisa Marshall said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Some times I wonder if anyone is really out there.

As far as the "purple gravy" goes--well, I can't promise anyone gourmet food, so thanks for understanding. This blog really is just a diary of how we eat everyday. Somedays are great, and others are, well, umm...can I say "real"?


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, I must be missing something...but where is the recipe for the tac-ole muffins? Love your site!