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Monday, August 10, 2009

Crockpot Country Pork Ribs

Today I tried ribs in the crockpot with a seasoning rub. If you have a couple of minutes in the morning, dinner doesn't get much better than this! This is the recipe that worked so well for us.

Lisa's Rib Rub

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I baked mine all day in the crock pot. They were tasty without additional sauce, or still good with a touch of KC Masterpiece Classic sauce.

For sides, I made a marinated grape tomato salad, using some parsley my friend NeeCee sent over from her garden. It was sweet and tart and wonderful even though I am not a huge tomato fan. Thanks, NeeCee. I also made some zucchini latkes using various recipes on the Low Carb Friends board. I used soy flour since I am out of coconut flour right now. That is why they appear so dark in the photo. They really aren't burned, I promise. Those are extra good hot, but cold...well let's just say I didn't get rave reviews on those. John had called home tonight with a last minute errand. Unfortunately, the latkes were already in the frying pan when the phone rang. They got eaten anyway, helped along with a smidgen of low sugar ketchup, and we got some money in the bank.

For a snacky dessert tonight, we will have some homemade yogurt flavored with the McCormick vanilla, butter and nut flavoring. The taste is marvelous, especially with a sliced strawberry. Mmmm. Just another day of meals trying to keep my hubby healthy and not feeling deprived on his diabetic low carb plan. He is a happy camper tonight.


Anonymous said...

Did you put any liquid in the crock pot? How about the temp. I am supposing low for how many hours? Thanks

Lisa Marshall said...

Nope, no extra liquid. I cook everything on low, sorry about that. 6-8 hours should do it.

Amanda said...

Did you line the crock pot with foil before placing the pork ribs in it? Without additional liquid wouldn't they stick to the pot?

Lisa Marshall said...

No, the country style ribs are a fatty meat. They make plenty of juice and never do stick on me. I do cook on low, and older low cookers like mine seem to have a lower low temperature than newer models. When I cook in my newer dual crockpot, things tend to burn. I hate that. If you have a newer model and are concerned, I would suggest slicing an onion and placing the ribs on top of the onion slices. Then you could add a touch of water. What you don't want is the dry rub to come off in cooking liquid. Hope this helps.

Puke said...

Thanks for the ad for your book, I mean, recipe.

Lisa Marshall said...

Well that was mean. Have you counted the number of recipes I have shared absolutely free? Making a blog and new recipes takes a lot of time and effort and the paycheck is non existent. When we are approached with an offer to be included in a terrific compilation cookbook, we food bloggers should decline? Do you work for free? Hard to pay the bills that way.