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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Listen Up Type 2 Diabetics

As most of you Diners know, my family became true low carbers when my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We are able to keep his blood sugars manageable through diet alone at this point. His A1c went from nearly eleven to the sixes.

My firstborn son, though still a carby boy, has seen the changes in his family first hand. Health improved for his dad, but also, my middle son lost a great deal of weight through carb restriction, and saw most of his insulin resistance side effects diminish.

This year as a senior in Business Administration, Andrew is in a class which requires his group to form a new company. He and his team are doing research, product development, marketing strategies and basically everything one would need to do to launch a business enterprise. My son's pitch involved the formation of a business catering to type two diabetics. His professors love the idea, seeing the impact it could have on a growing number of sufferers. His proposed company, that is the logo pictured above, will provide health training, a cookbook and menu, online community support, exercise recommendations and accountability, etc. I think it sounds like a wonderful business plan. They are currently in the research phase of this new venture. That is where you can help out.

Andrew and his team are seeking type two diabetics to take a short survey. The information will be used to prove the necessity of support and education to help people adapt a healthy diabetic lifestyle. It will only take a couple of minutes to take the survey, and the group will not be asking your contact information, nor will they be selling data to anyone. This is strictly university research and you remain anonymous.

If you can help him out, here is the link:

Feel free to forward this link to other diabetics you know. Thanks from a bunch of poor college kids. By the way, they will be competing in a business competition with this plan, and might win a cash reward.

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