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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unjun Burgers

When I was little, I had a hard time pronouncing the word onion. Unfortunate, because in my family, onions were a true side dish. I don't think my mother ever ate a sandwich without a slice of onion on the side. On the sandwich too. Onion slices always accompanied our bowl of beans (yes, here in Oklahoma we are known to eat an entire bowl of nothing but beans--not bean soup, just beans.)I remember helping to plant onions as a little girl. Back then, I called them "unjuns."

I understand that onions are a little on the carby side. I have also read that onions don't necessarily raise the blood sugar for all diabetics. We enjoy them in moderation, so the Unjun Burger was born. I adore grilled onions. The carmelized flavor is divine!

This evening, we enjoyed a Burger Buffet. The Unjun Burger was one of my choices tonight. We also took advantage of having precooked strips of bacon. Christian ate three of The Ranch burgers, a yummy combo of ranch dressing and bacon. My other burger was the Makin' Bacon. I'm betting my hubby will choose that when he gets home from his long day running football games on air. Of course, maybe he will want The Coney Island Burger. We still have leftover chili in the freezer too. Having a well stocked freezer can offer up a myriad of burger possibilities! If you are tired of eating the same old burger, check out some of the ideas in the E.Z. Fix section, on the page with Burger Bonanza.

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