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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mayan Cocoa Spiced Tea

This is probably one of those interesting flavors that you either love or hate. I really like it, but I have always been known to hide strange things in my chocolate. I saw this tea a while back at Big Lots. Since it was only two dollars, I decided to take a chance on it. Usually I am a coffee drinker, but spiced teas allure me, and I succumb to temptation every fall.

I read that one reviewer says this tea is like drinking dish water from a chocolate fondue pot. Aside from the fact that I never drink my dishwater, I must object. I think it is subtle and interesting. The spices don't knock you over, neither does the cocoa flavor. I do suggest using cream in the tea to give it a richness, and adding some sweetener. I drink my iced tea straight, but this becomes dessert tea for me. If you are adventurous, give it a try. A nice sweet tea in the evening is often what I need to keep me from grabbing snack food instead. This one is low caffeine too, so it won't keep you awake. If you can't find it at Big Lots, it can be ordered from Amazon as well.

Our weather here is really rainy today, just perfect for a snuggle with a cup of tea.

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