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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Philly Steak Supper

This is a quick and easy way to change up some roast beef. Just add the awesome flavors of grilled peppers and onions and slap on some American cheese. Maybe not completely authentic, but delicious anyway.

There are two ways of making this a super fast meal. Number one way is to use leftover roast beef in a Triple Play meal. This is less likely to give you thin slices like they use in Philadelphia, but hey, we are losing the bun too, so why try so hard? I did use some of last night's roast in this dish. It was so fatty, that I found it hard to slice, and resorted to my Freezer Favorites. I think I will have to pick the fat out, and use the rest as Smokey Beef Spread. That is in the Triple Play section with the brisket recipes.

Speaking of Freezer Favorites, I did happen to have some frozen steak strips. These were marinated in some steak sauce already, so I didn't need to add the usual garlic and spices to the beef. I can buy my steak slices in quantity at our dock sales, but you could easily cook up a round steak or two and slice them up for nearly instant meals. I have been known to make stir fry dishes, casseroles, stews and even chili with precooked and frozen steak.

For this meal, all I had to do was slice up the pepper and half of an onion. After they softened a bit, I threw in the steak and roast beef. When it was done, I dished it up and placed some cheese strips on the top to melt in. My plate was last and didn't quite get fully melted before I took the photo. You get the idea, though. For my carby boy, I added some rice. The leftover rice will go into a freezer bag for another day when he needs it. Always save labor when you can!

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Unknown said...

Lisa do you have a cheeseburger soup recipe? I saw one on Diners,Drive-in and Dives. It looked awesome. I thought you might have a recipe.