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Friday, February 5, 2010

Shrimp Bento

I haven't been showing as many Bento lunches lately, being off school with the holidays and all. This is a photo of one I took today. I told you that I really liked that Cilantro Shrimp so much I would make it again! It was almost as good cold. In fact, this whole meal was cold, seeing that I had to use frozen strawberries. I absolutely refused to buy fresh ones at the price Walmart was charging this week!

The cucumbers are placed on a skewer. That made them fun to eat, although some of the centers did get a bit wiggly. I made a delightful fat free, sugar free marinade for these. It definitely made a bigger cucumber fan out of me. I have often added them to salads, but seldom made them the main ingredient. This way, the are light and slightly sweet.

Lisa's Marinated Cukes

1 cucumber
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 packets Truvia or equivalent sweetener
a sprinkle of garlic powder
a sprinkle of onion powder

Slice the cucumber into disks. You may peel the edges into strips for a pretty effect. Mix the marinade ingredients and pour over cucumbers. Marinate over night or for several hours. To serve, drain off remaining marinade.

A full cup of cucumber slices has only about 4 carbs and 16 calories. That's a pretty good nutritional bargain. They are also said to aid digestion and help lower cholesterol.

For dinner tonight, we had Teriyaki Chicken as a Freezer Favorite. It is so good just to add some already prepped meat to a skillet. Just a quick veggie on the side and dinner is on the table. On super busy Fridays, this is always a blessing to have a no brain meal. Sorry no photo this time. We did have some leftovers with no bigger guys around, so maybe I will feature them in a salad. Be sure to check back in.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm starving!!!!

Lisa Marshall said...

Hey ARF,

Just wanted to let you know we are animal lovers too. All three of our pups were rescue. We adopted through PAL a few years ago to get our Golden Retriever (who happened to have a bad case of tick fever at the time) and our Pitbull. They are the best dogs ever. Our Pitty had been waiting for adoption for 9 months, poor guy. Now he is the favorite of most all our friends! I encourage everyone I know to adopt a shelter dog.