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Saturday, November 7, 2009

In the Dumps

This is when it is good to be in the dumps. We are all a little sleepy around here after last night's all nighter. I was out shopping today, but still came home to an easy dinner. Remember back when I told you how cheap that chicken was that was on sale? Well, it was cheap enough that we have been eating lots of the tasty bird the last couple of weeks. What is really good, is when you have enough secrets in your recipe arsenal that it doesn't take like the same old meal over and over. A SUPER easy way to do that is to package up meal sized portions as "dump" meals. Not a new concept, these meals are so named because all you have to do is to dump marinades into a freezer bag, add the chicken, squish it around a bit then freeze until the meal comes up on your meal plan.

Tonight, I had a thawed bag of Steakhouse Special chicken dump waiting in the fridge for me. All I had to do was grill it on the contact grill, my favorite kitchen helper, my George. With a side of broccoli, dinner was ready. The carby boy got some extra sides, but we were happy. Chicken like this did not taste at all like the chicken we had in last night's casserole. There are lots different tastes in the dump recipes in the ebook. Moroccan Chicken is great, as is Teriyaki Chicken or Mediterranean Chicken. No need to get bored. They are not the same old bird.

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