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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Porky's Bento

Yesterday was a full day! It was one of those days, that if you can stay low carb through this schedule, you can do it anytime. We were out the door early for classes, managed to be home for dinner just an hour before teenagers invaded our home for a movie night and sleepover (little to no sleep involved).Although I do admit to succumbing some carby snacks from time to time, I was able to keep my diabetic hubby on the straight and narrow. After all, he wasn't the one who had to pop the popcorn and bake the pizzas for the teenagers. I promise to get back my discipline today.

Yesterday's bento lunch was so yummy, and easy to put together in a snap. I used canned luncheon meat--okay almost like Spam, just the Aldi brand. I have heard that Spam is really popular in Hawaii. So I took that lead and made a wonderful little pineapple sauce to go with it. That was just mayo and pineapple DaVinci syrup stirred together. It was great with the ham chunks and with cubes of butternut squash too. Besides those dippers, I took along a low carb brownie and a hard boiled egg. The egg was especially good with the piggy theme, since it was a bacon stuffed egg. I just made a deviled egg as usual, but added bacon bits to the yolk mixture, and sprinkled it with bacon salt. Tasty stuff.

With all the teenagers on their way in the evening, I was so glad that I already had a casserole prepared in advance. We feasted on a Mama Mia chicken casserole from the Multiply Meals section of the e-book. It is rich and good. Amazingly, dinner went from fridge to plate is less than ten minutes. On days like that, my meal planning system is truly a survival tool!

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Retta said...

What a neat idea... pineapple sauce for the little spam cubes...Mmmm. I must admit, Fried spam is one of my vices. Hubby grimaces at it! ha ha ha... But it reminds me of good times growing up, so I get it just for me. I definitely want to try it with the pineapple sauce. Thanks for the great idea!