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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mexicali Meatloaf and More

It is fiesta night at our house tonight. Mexicali Meatloaf. This meal is not complicated, just a regular meatloaf with taco seasonings added. Very yummy. With it I served grilled mixed vegetables seasoned with a cilantro cube. We also enjoyed a Joseph's pita split into the thin halves, toasted and topped with Jack cheese. Pretty darn close to a tostada for just 2 net carbs for half a pita.

Mexicali Meatloaf

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Meatloaf is great in the freezer. When ground beef goes on sale, buy a lot. Make a basic meatloaf blend and squish it all together in a really big pot, or even in a clean plastic pail. (One book said to clean the sink and mix it in there, but I could never get used to that idea) Then you can divide up the loaves into entree sized servings. Keep one or two plain, to serve with sugar free ketchup. Add the Mexican spices to a couple more. You can even add the Italian seasonings to another part of the batch. If you lay some plastic wrap or foil into your loaf pan, you can form the meat there, then lift it out and carefully wrap it, uncooked, for the freezer. Then on cooking night, just unwrap it and thaw it in the loaf pan. When it is thawed, just bake it and it will be as fresh as ever. You can make 3-6 meatloaves and only get your hands yucky once. That is a winner of an idea for me. And do try the chia seeds, they help bind the meat and make it really moist. No one will know they are in there.

I love Mexican food, but sometimes it is tougher to prepare for my hubby. He is a northerner by birth, and our definitions of hot are in no way the same. It can also be a challenge to come up with side dishes when the standard beans and rice are a no no. The man doesn't care for guacamole. Not sure he liked the grilled veggies tonight, but I really liked them. The Knorr Cilantro cubes added a unique flavor that took them a step beyond the standard grill. I think he might have been mad that I slipped in some leftover squash cubes. Those are not his favorite. Still, it was pretty and tasty. I loved the combination of flavors and mix of texture.

I have been seeing an ad on TV for a cheeseburger taco. I think the leftovers of this meatloaf would be awesome made that way. May just have to try it and see.

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