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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pita for Breakfast

This is a super quick version of a breakfast burrito. Instead of a tortilla, I used a half of a Joseph's Pita bread. Low carb, but only for those who can tolerate a bit of wheat. I have another recipe using my master mix that can make a breakfast sandwich for those who use no wheat products, but since you have to bake the bun, it takes the super quick appeal away. Either way, it is cheaper and better for you than a trip through the drive through.

To save the most time, use pre-cooked sausage patties, and just cut them up as they heat up. Hubby likes these nuked; I prefer pan fried. You can do either. Once you have a little sausage grease, add some eggs. this will work in either a skillet or in a microwave container. Cook the egg with the sausage. When it is set, add a sprinkle of cheese and salsa if you like it. Put it in the opened pita and you have a hot breakfast in hand. Microwaved eggs and sausage will be a little fluffier, but you may have to stop and stir a couple of times while they cook.

If you need to make a low carb wheatless bun, use my master mix to make these. If you do that, don't cut up the sausage patty, and leave the egg in a layer, not totally scrambled.

Today for prep day, I made a batch of buns using the coconut master mix. Instead of adding the savory flavors, I added a touch of stevia powder and some vanilla and maple flavoring. Tomorrow, we are having our version of McGriddles. I'll post a photo once they are cooked.

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