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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mock McGriddles

Yum. If you like the sweet and savory combination, you will love these. I know McGriddles are not everyone's favorites, but I like these. (Never eaten a true McGriddle, but love the concept)

All you have to do to duplicate my breakfast is to make a batch of coconut master mix buns and add a touch of sweetener, maple flavoring and vanilla extract instead of garlic and Parmesan cheese. The buns are fairly sweet; I added the equivalent of about 2 Tablespoons of sugar. This time, I used stevia powder, which worked well. You can add more or less sweetener to taste.

To assemble the sandwich, I first grilled the sausage patties a bit. Then I scooted them to the side of the skillet and fried an egg for John's. I left the egg off of mine. Once the egg was set, I removed the filling to the plate and put the buns in the skillet to warm just a bit. My sandwiches went together in this order.

Version #1: bun, egg, sausage patty, a drizzle of sugarfree maple syrup, and the top bun. You could put cheese on here, but my hubby is not that big a fan, so I left his off.

Version #2: bun, sausage patty, drizzle of syrup, slice of American cheese, bun.

We used two buns for each sandwich, but if you are not a big breakfast eater, I think one will do. You could eat it open faced or cut the bun and sausage in half and stack them higher. The egg version might be a little too tall this way, but you could always turn it sideways. I know food somehow finds its way into my mouth.

We used hot and spicy sausage, but this would work with any flavor. The spiciness was extra nice with the sweet flavor to contrast. I need to buy more whey protein powder. When I do, I plan to make several batches of these to freeze. That way breakfast will be even quicker.


NeeCee said...

You know, that coconut master mix would be a great Christmas present. ::hint hint::

Retta said...

Wowzer, those look better than McYouKnowWho's!!