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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Busy times. Last night we got to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert. That was fun, but it took me away from the kitchen and the must do list for Thanksgiving. My brined turkey is out of the oven. Those cook faster than regular birds. Ours took only 2 hours. John is running in and out seeing to the turkey he is charcoal grill/smoking in the Smoke Cube. His is not brined and is taking longer. In the mean time, I am gathering all the side dishes I have made to take over to my mother's home for our celebration.

The picture above is the Snap Pea Salad from the November newsletter. Just for fun, I added some purple cauliflower. That will solve that yellow food problem we have. I also photographed the Rutabaga au Gratin. I think that is in the February newsletter. Creamy and cheesy. That way, I won't be as tempted to overdose on potatoes.

Happy Thanksgiving, may you all be blessed.

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