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Friday, March 6, 2009

Coney,Chili Dog...whatever!

My hubby used to call Ohio and Colorado home. He grew up eating plain hot dogs with no chili. How tragic! He goes on to tell me that he never knew what a "Coney" was until he met me. He will admit to knowing what a Chili Dog was, but it was far from a favorite in his family. Then he met me. On one of our first dates, I managed to spill chili down a light pink business suit after he surprised me at my job to take me out for a quick lunch. He has never forgotten laughing at me for ruining that suit, and my going back to work with a tell tale orange stain. Despite that, I never lost my love for chili topped dogs. A couple of years later, I even battled morning sickness with jalapeno chili dogs. That is another episode in my coney love story...

I am so glad we can still have my favorite while low carbing. With all those glorious toppings, who misses the bun? Tonight was such an easy dinner, thanks to the fact that I had some leftover homemade chili from last night's Multiple Meals Punkin Chili. All I needed to do tonight was to grill up some Oscar Mayer franks, heat the chili in the microwave, and add the cheese, onions and mustard.

I made up a quick batch of Nana's Coleslaw with a Kick--that takes 5 minutes at the most. My son Christian called dinner a masterpiece. John admitted he was a definite coney convert, although he still calls them chili dogs. Oh, and this time out, I managed to spare my clothing.

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