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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Breakfast Pizza

This is really just a take off from the pepperoni egg scramble in the EZ Fix section of the e-book. It is a bit more complicated, but the visual appeal is definitely there if you have a bit of extra time. Like so many easy recipes, this is very flexible, so use what ingredients you have and choose the amounts to suit your own tastes.

Breakfast Pizza
5 eggs
enough pepperoni slices to cover the skillet in a single layer
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
3/4 cup of cheese, mol
optional: diced peppers and mushrooms

Place the pepperoni slices in the skillet and pan fry them to release their oils. This preps the pan for the eggs. Beat the eggs with the onion powder. Arrange the pepperoni slices into a single layer in the skillet. Pour the eggs over the pepperoni. Let this set a bit, then use the omelet technique to gently move the cooked egg a bit to the inside, letting the wet egg run underneath and on the outer edge. Alternately, you could use the broiler to cook the top. When all the egg is set, top with cheese. As soon as it is melted, cut the pizza into fourths and gently remove from the pan to a serving dish.

This is just one of those easy to fix dishes that get us through our busy days low carbing. It is good anytime of day. Best of all, it helps alleviate pizza cravings.


Unknown said...

Not crazy about pepperoni. Could you use Canadian bacon or some other pizza toppings?

Judy DeWall said...

I tried it with ham this morning...could not slice it quite as thin as pepperoni...but it was good!