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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flower Bento Lunch

I had a meeting to attend today which was scheduled to last through lunchtime. I packed this Bento lunch to snack on while we worked. The sandwich roll-ups are made from leftover Beef Stroganoff from dinner. They were delicious! I cut some bell pepper flowers and added some blue cheese dressing for dipping. That tiny little container cam from the dollar store--I have six of them now. The caps are nice and tight, so packing liquid is not a problem. Next to that is a yummy strawberry. Using my new tiny cutters, I also cut some cheese into tulip shapes. I added a couple of mini cheesecake muffins too for dessert. I didn't remember them before I took the photo, but I also added three Pick-a-flavor cookies. Guess that is enough dessert items, I shouldn't need anything sweet tonight!


NeeCee said...

I am SO disappointed. The pencil boxes were all sold out by the time Gary got there. Every time I go to buy some items to start my Bento box, they are sold out. I don't think it is meant to be for me. ::pout::

Lisa Marshall said...

I have 4 left over from last year's teacher sale you can have. Plus, I just got some really cute hot pink items for a certain birthday girl.