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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stuffed Burger Fusion

Stuffed Burger Fusion...just what is the "fusion" part? That is my choice of stuffing and topping ingredients, but you are free to be true to common burger fixings if you choose. Stuffed burgers are really pretty simple. Just choose some flavorful ingredients to layer in between a couple of ground beef patties. Tonight, I offered up these choices for our Burger Buffet Meal.

Grilled mushrooms
Grilled onions
Cheddar Cheese
American Cheese
Feta Cheese
Crumbled Bacon
Jalapeno slices

To make the fusion burger, I added the sauteed mushrooms and onions to my burger halves. Then I added a spoonful of feta cheese, a sprinkle of bacon crumbles and some jalapeno. I sealed the meat well to keep all those goodies inside, then cooked them up on the Foreman Grill. To top it off in true fusion fashion, I added both barbecue sauce and blue cheese dressing. Mmmm...Tex-Mex fuses with old south barbecue. If you don't want to cook it up yourself, you can always try one of my favorite restaurants--Tin Star. This is a copy cat of one of their burgers you can get in lettuce wraps. Just as good made at home, and I don't have to have the will power to avoid the tortilla chips. These would be especially good if you happen to have a batch of Chipotle Madness Barbecue Sauce.

For the less adventurous among us, the burgers are great stuffed with onions, bacon and cheese too. That is why I love buffet meals, everyone gets to customize his burger, and I still get to have a little fun.

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