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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minute Beef Stroganoff

I had to look back over my blog entries to see if I had ever posted this simple "Freezer Favorite" meal made with Minute Beef. It is a family style Stroganoff--not made with the more expensive cuts of beef, but not made with a can of mushroom soup either! I can't believe I never featured it on a blog because we eat it fairly often. Perhaps it just isn't pretty enough.

Just warm up a package of Minute Beef, you know, that frozen pre-browned beef we Diners keep in supply in the freezer. Add some diced onion, sliced mushrooms and cooking wine. The amounts depend on how many you are serving. When that is all nice, browned and tender, add some sour cream. Since the meat was precooked, there is not much fat to try to drain off. That is a big plus for me...I hate spilling meat all over the place trying to drain the pan. When I make Minute Beef, I use a turkey baster to remove most of the fat. It is much easier than dealing with huge pots or colanders. You can, of course make this from fresh ground beef as well if there is no Minute Beef lurking in the freezer this week. My exact recipe is in the e-book.

I made some cauliflower for us to eat with the Stroganoff. Better than the egg noodles I made for the carby boys. There is so much flavor to the sauce, the cauliflower taste is hardly discernible. Not that I don't like it anyway...

For dessert tonight, we will just have some cinnamon vanilla yogurt. Nice and sweet and cool for hot days like these! The dishes will wait for sundown.

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