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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Thai Chicken

Tonight I adapted a crock pot recipe into a regular oven recipe, hoping to make enough for a Multiply Meals recipe. But by the time I got into the kitchen it was just too hot! Instead of doing a multiple, I just made one large casserole and hoped for some leftovers. Unfortunately, the guys were really hungry despite the heat. They managed to eat it all! That is what feeding three sons will do to you.

The recipe for My Thai Chicken is in the e-book. If you forget to get the crock pot going in the morning, it is just as good baked in the oven. You can even use Chicken Cubes and save some baking time. My guys really like the combination of salsa and peanut butter, but then, they aren't Thai food experts. Great family meal. I served rice for the carby boys. Even my dog is in the kitchen floor begging to lick the casserole dish. It must smell pretty darn good.

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