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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chunky Veggie Salad

Sometimes, ya just get tired of lettuce. Sure it helps to have all those different toppings and dressings, but still it is salad. Because dinner this evening was a Triple Play casserole, Awesome Italian Sausage Bake, I had some time to make salad more interesting. What I came up with takes advantage of all those garden fresh goodies we are beginning to find at the markets. Not to mention my favorite cheese.

Chunky Veggie Salad

sweet mild onion
red bell pepper
cherry tomatoes
sliced black olives
feta cheese
Italian dressing
cracked pepper

Chop vegetables into generous bite sized chunks. Toss together with olives and feta cheese. Drizzle with Italian dressing and sprinkle with pepper.

This is a good, light salad which especially compliments a heavier entree, such as the meaty sausage bake we had tonight. I love the combination of textures. Here's a photo of that casserole from the last time I served it. The recipe is here.

This casserole was made with a batch of home made ricotta. I don't know if I will bother making that from scratch again, as ricotta has such a mild flavor. It is really only worth it for me if there is a big price difference. Even though my yogurt always drains very well in a colander lined with coffee filters, the ricotta did not drain so nicely. If I try it again, I will definitely have to find some new cheesecloth. Speaking of yogurt, I think that will be dessert tonight. Vanilla yogurt is my fave, and I still need to use up some fresh raspberries from the fourth holiday meal. Sounds good.

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