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Monday, November 2, 2009

Salsa Cream Chicken

Oh the wonders of a well stocked freezer. Tonight's dinner went together in a flash. I was talking with my friend and fellow Diner, NeeCee, on the phone this afternoon. I confessed that I had no idea what to blog about today, that our meals were just run of the mill recipes I have featured before. The morning started with a trip to the freezer for Breakfast Bonanza in individual servings. That was easy, just a short trip to the microwave and the meal is served. I packed up Pizza Soup for John's lunch. That was made on prep day. Even the brownies I made yesterday still need a tweak before I publish the recipe. What to do? Dinner was still a problem.

Now on to that freezer story, as I understand confession is good for the soul. I was in a quandary as to my dinner plans and that never happens. Almost never. You see, we had a freezer mishap. No lightning strike this time. There was a great sale on chicken breast a couple of weeks ago. Hubby bought two big packages. I had him bring one in to thaw and bake, which I did. Lots of Chipotle Chicken Shreds. The other package was to go in our second garage freezer. When I asked hubby to go get it yesterday,(the garage is man territory in our house) he said there wasn't any. I was perplexed. I sure thought he had purchased two...did I already cook two? Stupid me, my inventory sheet for the inside freezer is current, but I let the garage freezer slip, so I really wasn't sure. SO, I changed the menu plan, and asked him to retrieve a pork roast. I asked him to let it thaw in the garage fridge. That is when he found the chicken. Needless to say it was a little ripe having spent two weeks in the fridge rather than the freezer. EEuuw! I hate wasting food. Let this be my lesson to remind you to use that freezer inventory sheet in the e-book.

So, now that giant roast is still thawing, and my weekly Triple Play meal plans have changed. For tonight's dinner, I just went to the freezer and grabbed some cooked Chicken Cubes. John's supper--he's working late--was marinated steak strips and Asian veggies to nuke at the station. The boy and I needed to use chicken cubes from the freezer, so we ate a new dish inspired by our shared love for spicy food. Hubby can't tolerate heat, so I invented this dish on a day he would not be home. It still isn't too spicy, and oh so good!

Salsa Cream Chicken

Chicken cubes equivalent to 4 breast halves
3/4 cup salsa
4 ounces cream cheese

Heat chicken in a skillet. Pour salsa over and stir it in. Add cream cheese in chunks and stir to melt.

How simple is that? I served Christian's in tortillas. I ate mine plain with a salad topped with ranch and more salsa. I'll even have some leftover for another lunch, but this would be easy to make for one or two; just reduce the amount of salsa and cream cheese. I'd be completely happy if it wasn't for all those other chickens who died in vain. I can only hope someone smarter than me ate their legs!


Joan said...

Now I know what to fix fr dinner tomorrow night! YUM!

jlynne319 said...

can you use whipped cream cheese?

Lisa Marshall said...

Whipped cream cheese would be fine.

jlynne319 said...