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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bacon Salad to Go

The whole house smells like bacon. Mmmm. Poor low fatters. Today I oven baked two packages of bacon. This is the lunch I sent with Hubby. I separated the bacon so it would stay crispier until time to eat.

This salad is so incredibly good. The dressing is made with the bacon grease and mayo, slightly sweetened. My recipe calls for sliced mushrooms, which I will have on mine, but John doesn't appreciate a good mushroom unless it is cooked. I left his out, but subbed some cherry tomatoes from the garden. Now if I can stay out of the bacon until lunch time! If you want the recipes, it is in the book in the "E.Z. Fix" section.

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Retta said...

I appreciate it when you tell about a meal, and then say where it is in the ebook (which I have). Because it's like discovering a new recipe...I didn't even know this one was in there, the bacon dressing. Sounds wonderful!

Recently I had to start making two meals a day for hubby to take to work... and have NOT been able to talk him into salads. I hadn't thought of separating out the ingredients, so they stay crisper. Maybe he would like it that way...worth a try. :-)