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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Farmer's Feast

They're all wrapped up and ready to chill. What you are looking at is a Multiply Meals Casserole, Farmer's Feast, all baked, sliced and wrapped in individual servings. These little jewels will chill then go into the freezer. After that, the frozen cubes will go into heavy duty freezer bags labeled and dated. If they are left in the thin plastic wrap, they would get freezer burned.This method of prep makes them so easy to fix for a nearly instant breakfast. Just unwrap the plastic wrap, put on a plate, add a minute in the microwave, and you have a hot, low carb breakfast with home made taste and no preservatives. They are also super for lunch boxes or the late night munchies.

For this bunch, I added some green peppers since they are abundant this time of year. I also cut my casserole in slightly different sizes. The larger slices are for my hubby, and the smaller ones are for me. My egg sensitivity won't let me have too big a slice. For my prep day this afternoon, I just baked up 24 individual servings. Oh it feels good to have that many hearty breakfasts ready and waiting in the freezer. The recipe is in the e-book. It is a standard we never seem to get tired of around here. Who gets tired of sausage, eggs and cheese?

Today, I am also making Tequila Lime Chicken and Italian Chicken Dump. Boneless, skinless breasts were on sale for $1.68. Can't beat that. What are you cooking?


NeeCee said...

I have the Italian chicken dump in my freezer too.

MJ said...

Are you no longer posting the recipes?

Lisa Marshall said...

I am not posting the recipes that are already in the e-book. I am hoping that I can sell a few more of the e-books that way! Trying to get a couple guys through college right now.


Angie said...

I purchased the E-book just because this recipe looked so yummy! I'm so happy to have your blog as a resource for low carb eating. I am type 2 diabetic and really like having some good recipes to help keep my blood sugar in control.